Statewide Photo Rally

Want to take part? Here are some instructions on how to participate.

son and mom holding up a signtoddler holding up a signsign resting against play equipment with a  toddler in the backgroundgroup of smiling people holding a sign
four women smiling and holding a signtwo photos side by side of little kids holding signstoddler playing with adult with sign near bytoddler holding toy standing next to smiling woman
little boy playing with toy car next to signtoddler playing next to signtoddler and mom posing with signfamily posting with EI worker at home while posing with sign
family holding sign while sitting on sofadad and son smiling at camera and holding a signfamily posing by fence holding babies and sign4 picture collage of people holding sign
family sitting at table holding signgroup of professionals and family holding signwoman holding signmom and young toddler holding up sign
woman posing with two toddlers and signbaby being held up by mom and holding signdad posing with two young children and signyoung boy standing next to dad kneeling beside him and holding sign
young boy in wheelchair posing next to mom who is holding signmom holding sign while holding her young childmom kneeling against a wall holding sign and her young child is sitting on her kneemom posing with service dog and two girls while holding sign
mom smiling and holding signwoman wearing sunglasses and holding signwoman smiling and holding signwoman smiling and holding sign
mom and son holding up signtrip tic of young toddler holding up sign and posing with her mommom holding sign and holding her sonsmiling toddler on her trike holding up sign
young boy posing with mom who is holding signmom cradling her child while holding signdad holding bottle for cradled baby while holding signdad holsing dog and supporting son who's holding sign and Number 1 sign
mom with infant and toddler who is holding sign

2017 Advocacy Days

Flyer for the 2017 DD Advocacy Days at the Capitol

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The Oregon Intellectual/Developmental Disability Coalition’s GO! Project Advocacy Team will be at the Capitol to provide information, training, and support from 10:00 am  to 2:00 pm on the following dates (all are Mondays):

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