One Family’s Success in Early Childhood Special Education: Jacob

Jacob is an inquisitive nine year old with a world of knowledge! He was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, and received EI/ECSE services until he began Kindergarten. Jacob was very active as a little boy, but would not engaged with an activity for long. The first thing to spike his interest was Star Wars; these toys played a huge part in getting Jacob's attention!  EI services was great at finding other tools that connected Jacob with the outside world, like the Internet and documentaries. He is an expert on Space and NASA. Like lots of kids, Jacob has social discomfort, but he's a loving, wonderful boy who rarely shows behavior challenges thanks to the supports we put in place early on to help him be successful. If it hadn't been for the EI/ECSE services, we fear that Jacob would not be as successful today as he is. While it has, at times, been [...]

My Success Story: Gabriel

Gabriel is an amazing little man who was born with Down syndrome and a possible co-diagnosis of autism. He is now in first grade, but he began receiving Early Intervention [EI] services soon after he was born. Although he experiences a communication challenge and has some sensory sensitivity, he has made huge progress throughout the last six years! EI was instrumental in helping his family find the best strategies to help support him as he grew. Early Childhood Special Education [ECSE] gave him the opportunity to practice being in a supportive preschool environment before transitioning to Kindergarten, and he learned how to participate in important routines like sitting at circle and staying at the table during mealtimes. Now these skills help him in school, but they also help him at home during routines like dinner or family activities. Thanks to EI/ECSE, Gabriel’s family made sure they had all the information and support they needed early [...]

One Family’s Transition Story

My daughter transitioned into a school in the 4J school district in 2013. I was lucky enough to have a fantastic team! My daughter experiences autism, and during the transition process, her whole team showed up: staff from her daycare, the autism consultant, her teacher, and all the staff involved from the school district (school psychologist, autism specialist, OT, and special education teacher). They offered a placement at her neighborhood school and another school close by. The alternate school offered more supports for children who experience autism, so we chose that one. Once children move from an IFSP to an IEP, the family piece drops out. You really feel that missing piece in the first year. Foe example, accessing resources is more challenging, and my daughter's service coordinator only coordinates her needs in the classroom. I miss the home visits and all the parent education I received from EI/ECSE. While my [...]

My Success Story

I'd like to take a moment to tell you what Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education [EI/ECSE] services have meant for my family since my son was born. He is now four years old, and was diagnosed two years ago with developmental delays. I was told these delays included speech, adaptive, social and emotional skills, as well as sensory integration issues. We started with home visits, but he now attends our local ECSE preschool where speech, occupational therapy, and early education services are pushed in to help prepare him for the routines and structure of Kindergarten. Our family has been very excited to see our son make significant gains in personal and social skills in such a short time! His teachers say he is learning classroom routines, and is more willing to interact with peers. This is a service my husband and I could not afford independently, but it is so important [...]