Parent Voices Needed on Local Councils

Publication Date: August 25, 2019 Local Interagency Coordinating Councils are required by state law to "advise and assist" EI/ECSE Contractors on identification of service needs, coordination with other agency services. The LICC is intended to gather input from and exchange information with stakeholders on decisions about EI/ECSE services.  LICCs have tremendous potential to influence local programs and agencies to enhance services for young children with disabilities and their families.  The insight gained from voiced parent perspective can result in meaningful change, improved services, and expanded collaboration on early childhood services in your community. If you are interested in helping to guide the direction of EI/ECSE Services in your region, contact us at the Alliance for Early Intervention and we will connect you with the Chair of your Local Interagency Coordinating Council.

Family Success Story: Axl

When my son Axl turned 2 years old and only knew a handful of words, I knew I needed help. I was scared and sad, not knowing where to turn. When my pediatrician recommended EI/ECSE services, everything changed for my family. We started with early intervention and had an amazing teacher and speech pathologist come to my home. They provided me with the skill set and support I needed to help my child grow developmentally. Within a few months Axl learned sign language and communication skills. We then began a toddler group that introduced my son to a classroom environment. Axl is thriving and expanded his vocabulary, but has a long road ahead of him. Now that he is turning 3 we are continuing with early education in order to help Axl reach his full potential. Please fully fund EI/ECSE.Margarett Wilder

Family Success Story: Johanna

Hello my name is Mayra Plascencia and my daughter name is Johanna Perez, the program EI/ECSE has been a very helpful program to me and my family in the way that my therapist help me to understands my child with different ways to communicate with her like sounds face to face talk and other very helpful ways that I didn't know and I couldn't understand before, now I can help my daughter with her language and communication for me the program is very importantly because as a parent we don't know how to deal with a kid that can talk are even said something and this program give me a lot of good advice, solutions to my problems and skills that I have known to keep working with my kid I hope that this program continues to help other families. Sincerely Mayra Plascencia SE Portland

Family Success Story: Sofia

I hope our story will contribute to making a positive impact on EI/ECSE services.  Three years ago, a daunting diagnosis was entering our life and most things have not been the same since. I have faced frightening and complex information about the thing that matters most to me in this life. My daughter Sofia was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 9 months old at Child Development and Rehabilitation in Eugene. We were immediately connected with EI services. When our journey began my daughter was extremely behind on her development, she had vision issues and didn’t see well, she had trouble eating and swallowing, she couldn’t sit up or roll over, she struggled with sensory issues, her muscles were very tight, she was uncomfortable and cried all the time. EI services helped us set small reasonable goals with physical therapy, occupational therapy, feeding, and sensory issues at home in an environment [...]

Family Success Story: Loyd Family

My name is Charles Loyd. I am the proud parent of an amazing 4-year-old boy. Almost 18 months ago my son started his first week of class in ECSE. I'll have to admit I was nervous & skeptical going in. I had zero knowledge of Early Intervention let alone ASD & Autism was a "bad word" in my mind. I didn't want to accept that something could be "wrong" with my son & therefore, he needed no "fixing." Strangely enough, at the time class began, I was sidelined from work due to a broken foot & had nothing else on my clock but to attend these classes. I was depressed & unbearably negative. After a few weeks with ECSE I started to feel differently. I accepted that my lack of knowledge about Autism had bred fear & my ignorant assumptions of what Autism was had probably hurt somebody's feelings at [...]

Family Success Story: Quinn

When my husband and I entered parenthood, we had no idea we would do so with a very special little girl, Quinn. When most parents were helping their babies to walk, Quinn was still learning to sit up. She is now almost 4 and is still learning to eat. Quinn has a rare condition that had set her development back by months. With the help of ECCARES and EI/ECSE we have been able to nearly close this gap. Not only did they assist my husband and I with teaching tools and techniques, but they also provided Quinn with valuable educational opportunities. Quinn got to join a toddler group where we were able to create a development plan and build a team around her to help her succeed in this world.  Education is something everyone should have access to despite their labels and disabilities. The team working with EI/ECSE not only [...]

Family Success Story: Jack

Jack’s Early Intervention story is a story of hope and hard work. There have been times of good years and times of sad tears. Jack was born at 23 weeks and 5 days gestation. During his 167 days in the NICU he was given multiple rounds of the antibiotic Gentamicin, had an extremely high bilirubin, and spent more than 9 weeks on a ventilator; all of these things were contributing factors to Jack being profoundly deaf. We tried hearing aids to no avail and as we were starting to go through the process of getting him cochlear implants in North Carolina, we moved to Oregon for a better job opportunity this prolonging Jacks time with access to sound. In July of 2018 Jack finally got his cochlear implants at the age of 18 months old. He immediately started receiving early intervention services. What a difference life has been. Jack now [...]

Family Success Story: Samantha

Our daughter Samantha was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. She had surgery to close up her back the day after she was born, and a VP shunt was placed in her brain when she was 2 weeks old. Samantha was expected to be paralyzed from her waist down, and at the very least have difficulty walking; the hydrocephalus had also caused her brain enough malformation that we were told her brain would not grow back. Early Intervention was introduced to us at the hospital, as Samantha would have trouble walking and learning how to do basic life skills. When we brought our baby home, Early Intervention was there to encourage us. We’d already had two children, who are both happy and healthy, but Samantha was different. She took longer to hold her head, longer to roll over, a Long time to sit independently...everything was different than with her siblings. [...]

Family Success Story: Mia

I am writing to share my experience with early intervention through LBL ESD. My daughter, Mia, is 2 years old. She is smart, cautious, funny and is receiving services from an early intervention specialist and a speech language pathologist. Mia has been getting help several times per month from these professionals since summer 2018, when, at nearly two, she had no language. Other than a late diagnosis and revision of a tongue tie, Mia is a typically developing child. It became very clear to us in the summer 2018 that we needed help. Mia could understand everything going on around her and could follow complex directions but was not saying a single thing. We started signing with her and when she entered speech therapy, she had well over 50 signs.... but still no spoken words. Early intervention has given my child a voice. She is beginning to talk using her [...]

Family Success Story: Grayson

I am writing as someone who worked 16 years in the developmentally disabled population, and as a mother of three children with various special needs.  My four-year-old son, Grayson, has received Early Intervention (EI) services in Oregon since he was 2 years old. He has sensory processing disorder and is a proprioceptive seeker, so he is constantly seeking strong physical input that was preventing him from reaching milestones, especially speech and communication ones. He required vigilant monitoring as his needs would cause him to engage in dangerous activities such as bolting away from us, banging his face and head forcefully, and climbing tall things and jumping off in order to get the input his brain needed. He qualified for services, but we only got one hour with a special education teacher per week. Our special education teacher, Nickea Tye, is simply a God send but Grayson needed additional Occupational Therapy [...]

Family Success Story: Nathan

It is my understanding that investment into EI/ECSE is currently under question. My son, Nathan, was diagnosed with autism last fall. It is well known throughout the autism and medical communities that the most important next step post-diagnosis is Early Intervention. I was advised to get started with Early Intervention as soon as possible, as evidence has proven how effective this can be on young, eager to learn brains. Pediatricians throughout the state have improved on recognizing children at risk for needing Early Intervention. This has caused a drastic increase in need for services, with substantial decrease in services occurring. Because of this, my child has not been able to receive all of the services that he and so many other children deserve. He currently qualifies for one hour session every other week. This is devastating, as there is no consistency to that amount of time and it will take many years to [...]

Family Success Story: Nash and Reed

Our twin sons received Early Intervention Support through MESD beginning when they were babies. They had “medically undiagnosable” fine and gross motor delays and were late to walk and talk. As new parents, and new to Portland, we did not know what to expect or where to turn when alerted to their delays and issues. We are so thankful that their pediatrician connected us to Early Intervention. The attention, care, and services the boys received were invaluable, and I don’t know where we would have been without it. The boys received crucial assessments and the therapy needed to begin addressing their PT-, OT- and speech-related issues. It also connected us to a plethora of other important resources in Portland we needed throughout the kids’ younger years. I cannot imagine how we would have coped with those early challenges without the support of Early Intervention. Our sons are now 14 years [...]