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Grassroots Oregon “GO!” Project

The DD Coalition created Grassroots Oregon (The GO! Project) in July 2004 to connect regional advocates, identify issues of concern in communities statewide, and provide technical assistance regarding issues related to individuals with developmental disabilities.

The GO! Project strives to help people with disabilities and their families educate others – including the general public, state and local government officials, and public agency staff – about their stories, their concerns, and the impact of policies effecting people who experience developmental disabilities [DD].

The GO! Project provides an information clearinghouse on state DD issues by maintaining the Oregon DD Coalition website and related materials as well as sending out email bulletins.

GO! continues to build a strong network of Oregonians concerned with issues related to people with developmental disabilities through grassroots organizing and training activities. The project works to make sure the perspectives of people with developmental disabilities are represented in statewide forums and discussions about funding and policies.

Partnering Agencies

Oregon Consortium of Family Networks (OCFN)
 Families building community; Creating futures

What is OCFN?
We are a network of families building a sustainable future for families.

Family networks share the belief that peer-delivered family support celebrates families as the tremendous resource they are. They recognize that while families build community, community also builds families, and while formal family support programs are crucial, supporting families involves more than a single program.

OCFN, a project of the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities and the Office of Developmental Disability Services, is an association of family networks committed to a set of core values. Each member is an independent, family-led organization working in collaboration with community partners and each other.

Why Create Family Networks?
OCFN believes that when parents connect with other parents that can share a vision of possibility, and help each other find strength, they break the cycle of loneliness and isolation for each other, and in turn, their children, in a unique way that only a parent can.

What do Family Networks do?
1. They facilitate opportunities for families to connect with other families in an organic and fun way, and think creatively to support them in accessing and creating resources in the community.

2. They facilitate opportunities for the community to better engage with families by helping the community to understand that disability is a natural part of the human condition, and that the diversity within the community creates the community.

Who are the Family Networks, and what counties do they serve?