Who we are:

The Oregon Alliance for Early Intervention [Oregon AEI] is a homegrown, grassroots organization connecting leaders within the Early Intervention community and families with a heart for leadership to create opportunities for meaningful advocacy within early intervention/early childhood special education [EI/ECSE]. This group is dedicated to engaging parents and professionals in advocacy efforts for EI/ECSE services.

Our Values:

  • —The earlier EI/ECSE services are provided, the greater the positive impact the services have on children and families
  • —EI/ECSE services must be high-quality and provided in family-centered manner
  • —Parents are best supported when agencies work together

Our Mission:

The mission of the Oregon AEI is twofold: to increase public awareness about the critical need for early diagnosis and preventative care for children with developmental delays and disabilities, and to advocate on behalf of EI/ECSE within the Oregon legislature.