When my husband and I entered parenthood, we had no idea we would do so with a very special little girl, Quinn. When most parents were helping their babies to walk, Quinn was still learning to sit up. She is now almost 4 and is still learning to eat. Quinn has a rare condition that had set her development back by months. With the help of ECCARES and EI/ECSE we have been able to nearly close this gap. Not only did they assist my husband and I with teaching tools and techniques, but they also provided Quinn with valuable educational opportunities. Quinn got to join a toddler group where we were able to create a development plan and build a team around her to help her succeed in this world. 

Education is something everyone should have access to despite their labels and disabilities. The team working with EI/ECSE not only found the perfect placement for our daughter, but also got her the aid she needs to be part of a standard classroom setting, at no cost to us, the parents. When each child is given a chance to learn, our community can only grow and benefit from it. Without EI/ECSE Quinn and many others in our next generation would go without the help they need to lead our future. They have my support and thanks for everything they have and will do for our children.

Alix Gray

South Lane County