I am writing to share my experience with early intervention through LBL ESD. My daughter, Mia, is 2 years old. She is smart, cautious, funny and is receiving services from an early intervention specialist and a speech language pathologist. Mia has been getting help several times per month from these professionals since summer 2018, when, at nearly two, she had no language. Other than a late diagnosis and revision of a tongue tie, Mia is a typically developing child. It became very clear to us in the summer 2018 that we needed help. Mia could understand everything going on around her and could follow complex directions but was not saying a single thing. We started signing with her and when she entered speech therapy, she had well over 50 signs…. but still no spoken words.

Early intervention has given my child a voice. She is beginning to talk using her voice and our family has been given tools to help her at home. Mia works so hard with her service providers, who push her enough to make progress, but not enough to frustrate her. She eagerly awaits their visits and is sad to see them go. I don’t know where we would be without early intervention, but I know that Mia would not have made the rapid progress that she has without them. 

I recognize that my child’s needs are mild compared to so many children served by EI. The need for EI is not going away and is only growing as more and more medically complex babies survive. This program needs to be fully funded to give our youngest citizens the best chance at a bright future…a future that is important for all of us.

Thank you

Rebecca Veltri