It is my understanding that investment into EI/ECSE is currently under question. My son, Nathan, was diagnosed with autism last fall. It is well known throughout the autism and medical communities that the most important next step post-diagnosis is Early Intervention. I was advised to get started with Early Intervention as soon as possible, as evidence has proven how effective this can be on young, eager to learn brains.

Pediatricians throughout the state have improved on recognizing children at risk for needing Early Intervention. This has caused a drastic increase in need for services, with substantial decrease in services occurring. Because of this, my child has not been able to receive all of the services that he and so many other children deserve. He currently qualifies for one hour session every other week. This is devastating, as there is no consistency to that amount of time and it will take many years to make progress at that rate. He will have already reached kindergarten by the time progress can be made, which denotes the purpose of this service.

Every child deserves a bright future, and the small amount of Early Intervention we have received up until now has given us that glimmer of hope. I cannot stress the importance of this program enough. Please consider further funding EI/ECSE, our children’s quality of life depends on it.

Thank you,

Amanda Robb

Albany, Oregon