Our twin sons received Early Intervention Support through MESD beginning when they were babies. They had “medically undiagnosable” fine and gross motor delays and were late to walk and talk. As new parents, and new to Portland, we did not know what to expect or where to turn when alerted to their delays and issues. We are so thankful that their pediatrician connected us to Early Intervention. The attention, care, and services the boys received were invaluable, and I don’t know where we would have been without it. The boys received crucial assessments and the therapy needed to begin addressing their PT-, OT- and speech-related issues. It also connected us to a plethora of other important resources in Portland we needed throughout the kids’ younger years. I cannot imagine how we would have coped with those early challenges without the support of Early Intervention. Our sons are now 14 years old and are doing great.

Marcy and Hal Newton

Multnomah County