Oregon’s Legislative Session is Off to a Great Start

Publication Date: February 12, 2018 The Oregon Legislature has been back in session for one week, and we are happy to report that the House Early Childhood and Family Supports Committee has already heard testimony on House Bill 4067 to extend the developmental delay eligibility category for special education beyond preschool age up through third grade (up to age 10) to ensure children experiencing delays get the supports they need to succeed in school. Approximately 200 Oregon children who qualified for Early Childhood Special Education services under the developmental delay eligibility criteria will lose access to needed educational supports and fall further behind their peers. Often, children of color and children from low-income families and those experiencing poverty have delayed diagnoses. Without supports in kindergarten and beyond they face significant educational barriers to success. It is our hope that Oregon will join 30 other states in creating stronger educational experiences for students by [...]