One Family’s Success in Early Intervention: Liam

Liam is a happy three-year old who has received Early Intervention services through the Clatsop Service Center of Northwest Regional Education Service District (NWRESD) since he was five months old. The youngest of four kids, Liam and his family live in a rural, coastal part of Oregon where there has not been consistent private providers and specialists to support Liam’s developmental needs and the health challenges he experiences. Because of this, Early Intervention services have been an important and consistent part of Liam’s life and his family’s life. Through Early Intervention, Liam receives physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and vision services in his home. Liam has built relationships with his providers, and he loves interacting and working with them. Liam’s parents are grateful for the services they can access locally. “Early Intervention has provided a lot of support to our family, and it has all been really valuable. Early Intervention [...]