one-familys-success-in-early-childhood-special-educationJacob is an inquisitive nine year old with a world of knowledge! He was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, and received EI/ECSE services until he began Kindergarten.

Jacob was very active as a little boy, but would not engaged with an activity for long. The first thing to spike his interest was Star Wars; these toys played a huge part in getting Jacob’s attention!  EI services was great at finding other tools that connected Jacob with the outside world, like the Internet and documentaries. He is an expert on Space and NASA. Like lots of kids, Jacob has social discomfort, but he’s a loving, wonderful boy who rarely shows behavior challenges thanks to the supports we put in place early on to help him be successful.

If it hadn’t been for the EI/ECSE services, we fear that Jacob would not be as successful today as he is. While it has, at times, been a difficult journey, the EI staff was kind and patient, and had ideas we would never have thought of on our own. We owe much of Jacob’s success to the EI staff.