I’d like to take a moment to tell you what Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education [EI/ECSE] services have meant for my family since my son was born. He is now four years old, and was diagnosed two years ago with developmental delays. I was told these delays included speech, adaptive, social and emotional skills, as well as sensory integration issues. We started with home visits, but he now attends our local ECSE preschool where speech, occupational therapy, and early education services are pushed in to help prepare him for the routines and structure of Kindergarten.

Our family has been very excited to see our son make significant gains in personal and social skills in such a short time! His teachers say he is learning classroom routines, and is more willing to interact with peers. This is a service my husband and I could not afford independently, but it is so important for our son. We are eternally grateful for everything his services providers have done for him.

Recently they were determined that he experiences autism, and we are now focused on ensuring that he has all the necessary supports in place to ensure that he has the best chance at success in Kindergarten. Children deserve the very best start in life, and these programs are so valuable to families and more children like my son!